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replica cartier love bracelet real gold Boy was I surprised to learn Lia Sophia was out of business but then again I should not be. I had a very successful party in 2008. Many of the pieces I have turned in color. The elastic stretched or broke in pieces. I have fashion jewelry from 20 years ago still in tip-top shape. I am very disappointed with this company. And I will not buy from the outlet. If anyone has any additional information pls let me know.
replica cartier love bracelet real gold I joined Lia Sophia in 2012. I have decided that I am going to quit selling due to the frequent changes. They also make it quite impossible for new advisors to win trips. So this becomes very discouraging. fake Cartier Juste un clou ring   number of complaints from customers due to back order and then they don't book with me again. Extremely frustrating company to sell for.
replica cartier love bracelet real gold I was very surprised by the weight and quality of the jewelry. I received so many compliments everywhere that I go. Also, I love that the company backs everything with a lifetime guarantee. Their customer service is also second to none. Thanks Lia Sophia! You won me over and I'm now an advisor.
replica cartier love bracelet real gold I would like to echo what I have read on this forum in regard to the return policy and strongly urge people to exercise caution if considering getting involved with Lia Sophia. Not only do they not provide refunds, Knockoff Cartier nail ring  but YOU HAVE TO PAY them to process exchanges after 120 days. Be especially cautious about their "necklace shortener" as it does NOT work on the average necklace. It actually doesn't work on any of the dozen or so necklaces I own, which is why I tried to return it. Forget how difficult it was reaching someone via their website. I was dismayed to learn about the exchange only policy.