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replica cartier love bracelet australia Recently made a purchase of 3 items (two of which were the same bracelet with one gold and one silver). Got all three but the ones I requested in each metal were both sent in silver. They tell me I can't return it? Also in the picture the bracelet laid flat and yet when you get it the way it lays on your wrist makes it really bulky. They absolutely do not accept returns. Why are they able to use the Lia Sophia name and Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Ring  who were loyal customers in the past. This is not, by any means, the Lia Sophia of the past. $35 down the drain. DO NOT SHOP HERE.
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replica cartier love bracelet australia In March I bought what I thought was gorgeous jewelry - a cross necklace and a ring. By May, I was returning both for an exchange - ring lost a stone and necklace broke my neck out, which by the way I have never had metal allergies. Got them replaced and by August, I contacted the company for refund   Imitation Van Cleef Perlee Ring   the same thing happened. Well, why would I want a second duplicate when the first two suck. I had to file a claim with BBB of IL and they still want me to exchange it for some other substandard piece of garbage they supposedly guarantee for life - only with product mind you. No cash refunds. This company's product is garbage and the customer service sucks.