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fake tiffany cartier and bvlgari jewelry About 3 years ago, an email came from a customer, or so I thought, asking me if the jewelry was "signed." I said yes. Then, they said they worked for LS and they ordered me to stop selling on eBay. Cheap Cartier jewelry   They said I had to ship all my stock back to them because I was selling counterfeit jewelry. I was like, "Huh??" They even mailed me a stop and desist order. This was my jewelry that I purchased from other eBayers and I was not going to send it to Lia Sophia for free!! They also wanted the names of the eBay sellers I bought it from!! I wasn't going to give them that info. 
fake tiffany cartier and bvlgari jewelry Lia Sophia is an absolutely wonderful company to be with. My experiences with uplines, parties, customer service, etc. has always been a pleasure. I hope to be with the company many years to come.
fake tiffany cartier and bvlgari jewelry I am happy with my order. I love the Drama Club necklace. I received so many compliments when I wear it. I wish Lia Sophia jewelry would be less expensive because I would love to get more jewelry. Imitation Cartier jewelry   The new spring catalog is a beauty - so many beautiful pieces!!!
fake tiffany cartier and bvlgari jewelry "Sharon, It has nothing to do with how your business is going. I've helped many people over the years that I have never made a single cent on. You appear to have things in your "personal life" that I don't care to know about on Facebook. That is my choice, just like you asked us to not "email you anything motivational". That is your choice. As far as the $45 for the holiday party... you act as if I am pocketing that... What a joke!! Knock off Cartier jewelry    make money on the events I put together (and work like a maniac at) for my team. Those events cost me money (which is really none of your business). Unless you have a business question, or want to participate on a positive level with Lia Sophia, please do not contact me. You seem to always be looking for conflict. I have no use for this in my life or business. If you wish to no longer receive communication from me, please log on to Advisor Advantage, go to "preferences" and remove your email address."