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OPUS series always bring surprises so that how unrestrained watch

2010 is so important and unusual, the 2008 financial tsunami to a number of developed economies into a crisis, even in the strong monetary easing and the government capital injection situation, did not quickly ease until 2010, The global economy has to pick up Cartier Replica Love Ring signs, today the European economy is accelerating recovery. For the watch industry, the same important in 2010, Swiss watch export volume since the 2008 trough, followed by a substantial increase in 2009, indicates that the watch industry return to prosperity. Hai Rui Winston, 2010 ushered in the tenth anniversary of the OPUS series, Switzerland more than ten famous independent watchmakers gathered together to celebrate this feast, the common look forward to the past glorious achievements, and look forward to the next ten years of non With the sound. In 2011, the OPUS series opened a new journey.


OPUS series always bring surprises, so that how unrestrained watch, it seems to be here for granted. In 2011, the OPUS series released the 11th quarter watch – replica Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet OPUS 11. Although OPUS 10 this landmark table is enough to make people amazing, but the emergence of OPUS 11, we realized that, OPUS series than we thought to be even more incredible. OPUS 11 the whole shape can be used to “wonderful” to describe, feeling a bit like a tilted his head Mickey Mouse, two “ears” were placed double dial minute display and oscillation system. And it is the most surprising, is to occupy the entire disk of the three-dimensional hour indicator, every hour number, by four “time debris” patchwork, when the whole point of the transition, the whole mechanism of rapid operation, through the four Group mechanism at the same time collaboration, the “fragment” put together a complete “hour” figures.

Denis Giguet and MCT Sequential series watch
OPUS 11 is designed by Denis Giguet, who was co-founder replica Hermes earrings of MCT, now in the Van Cleef & Arpels tabulation department. Denis Giguet graduated from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in 1993, after graduation is the first to enter a jewelry manufacturer founded in 1835, but soon (1994) to enter the Rolex, until 2000. This experience allows him to master the world’s leading watchmaking company’s management and operation process, as well as an important process of the watch industry. After leaving Rolex, he entered the sea Rui Winston, and soon took a place, as Hai Rui Winston product development manager, responsible for the development and production of OPUS series. Denis Giguet has gone through the first generation of the OPUS series to the sixth generation, leaving Waldorf Stevenson in 2006 to start his own business, and now has a well-known brand replica hermes ring MCT (left in 2011). MCT representative series, is made by Denis Giguet personally created Sequential watch, Denis during the job only made four, and one of the iconic elements, is “patchwork time.” This is exactly one of the reasons Denis chose to leave Hayward Winston in 2006, because he had this idea and wanted to be able to achieve it, so his own company seems to be the best choice, and independent tabulation People circle, there are so many successful predecessors precedent.

Sequential series of digital patchwork hours
Sequential series of watches, is composed of four modules to display the hour, each module by a number of “leaves” to put together a complete number of models like the blinds. When the next hour is reached, the swivel with a slot will align the slot with the hour scale of the response. Sequential series has two main forms, minute fixed and minute turn ring type. It is also because of the sequential success of the series, Denis’s “patchwork time” deeply impressed by the industry. In 2011, Hai Rui Winston once again joined Denis, developed the OPUS 11 this unique watch.

OPUS 11 than the Sequential series to be more complex, not only the time is “patchwork” out, and the original fixed four time display module, also will become mobile. In fact, this can be understood as Sequential’s “patchwork time” and OPUS 10 “Salon system” clever combination of results. Because OPUS 11 every piece of time together, are four modules to the rotor within the module revolution and rotation results.

OPUS 11 movement mechanism
The OPUS 11 hour indication is made of four blades, each of which is mounted on a separate rotor with a blade on the other end and a rotor mounted on a rotatable base. So the entire disk has a total of four rotating base, each base has three rotors, each rotor has two leaves, each blade has two faces, a total of 12 rotor 24 leaves, a total of 48 faces. OPUS 11 appearance, the first time to show the time to show such a shocking 3D action effect, in the traditional thinking, such a mechanism only high-tech electromechanical control can be achieved. Watch a total of 111, 100 platinum models, 11 diamond mosaic models, watch carrying titanium metal balance wheel, double dial minute display.


OPUS 11 appearance, so OPUS series into an unprecedented height, even more shocking than the OPUS 3, a lot of people for such watches, full of confusion. To the 2012 Basel Watch show, people have not yet fully digest the mystery of OPUS 11 brought about when the more puzzling OPUS 12 turned out, it is almost out of thin air, the altar before the altar seems to have no similar Watches, and even no similar mechanism. When the OPUS 12 release, the whole table altar is also a surprise, so complex and flexible time instructions, no less than OPUS 11 itself can already be called a miracle mechanism. Hai Rui Winston brand has also admitted that the biggest challenge of this table is that the dial indicator pointer to indicate how the exact match with each other, especially the whole point of time for the rotation of the short needle how accurate stop at that point in time.

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not easy to do a field of the king must have been through the efforts of thousands of times

As a Swiss independent watch brand, since its inception in 1888, Baqi Lai has been in the family operation of the way in the watch production and business areas continue to explore and research. Whether it is tabulation technology and jewelry inlay, or the traditional Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace tabulation technology heritage and innovation, Ba Qi Lai are trying to improve themselves and continue to introduce elegant and practical products. Today for everyone to recommend three from the Baqi Lai watch.

Baqi Lai BIGDATE POWER watch series 00.10905.03.13.21 watch

Table Comments: This watch watch diameter of 40 mm, case material for the 18K rose gold. Round silver white dial, from outside to inside are the track scale, short time scale, twelve o’clock direction with a date display window, six o’clock direction with power storage display panel, pointer and time scale are used with Case the same rose color. Equipped with the production Replica Van Cleef &Arpels Ring of the model Qiqi Lai CFB 1903 movement, movement diameter of 26.2 mm, movement thickness of 5.1 mm, the use of 34 stones, providing 42 hours of power storage. Bracelet and clasp are used 18K rose gold for the material, the overall harmony and more luxurious temperament.

Po Qi Lai calendar callback watch series 00.10901.08.36.11 watch

Watch the watch: the watch table diameter of Replica Cartier Love Necklace 40 mm, case thickness of 11.5 mm, the case using stainless steel as a material, in the case is also inlaid a circle FCTWvvs diamonds, a total of 64. Dark gray round dial, in the direction of twelve o’clock with twenty-four hours marked, three o’clock direction is the date display disk, six o’clock direction is the power storage display disk, nine o’clock direction is the week display disk, pointer After hollowing out. The model was CFB 1903, which was manufactured by Baqi Lai, with a diameter of 26.2 mm, a thickness of 5.1 mm and a gem number of 34, providing 42 hours of power storage. Black crocodile leather strap with steel-made needle clasp. Waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Po Qi Lai EVOTEC DAYDATE watch series 00.10625.13.33.21 watch

Table Comments: The watch table diameter of 43.75 * 44.5 mm, Great Cartier Replica Love Earrings case thickness of 13.95 mm, square case using arc filter straight line tough. Case material for the steel, in the case of a circle outside the rubber bezel. Black barrel-shaped dial, in the ten o’clock to 11 o’clock direction with a date display window, six o’clock direction with a small seconds, nine o’clock direction is the week show window. Equipped with the movement of the Baizi Lai, model CFB A1001, movement diameter of 32 mm, thickness of 6.3 mm, 21,600 times per hour oscillation, the use of 33 gems, providing 55 hours of power storage. Stainless steel  bracelet and stainless steel material folding buckle to wear more secure. Backpack design, providing 50 meters waterproofing depth.

Summary: Baqi Lai’s Marilyn series of watches, “led by the palm of your hand” as a watchmaking concept, the design of the elegant and sophisticated, practical and harmonious integration together; and the Bolai Wei series of multi-creative and technology Of the integration of “champion.” Today for everyone to recommend the three from the Baqi Lai watch, both simple and practical watch, there are relatively sophisticated features, I hope you can find a suitable for their own.

In every field want to do the best, are not easy to do a field of the king must have been through the efforts of thousands of times in the ultra-thin mechanical watch also exist in such a king, and then super Thin areas of unparalleled, you may now make someone else in the years ago has been made, and today the watch home for everyone to recommend three top ultra-thin mechanical watch, I hope you like.

Earl ALTIPLANO series G0A39111 watch

Watch the watch: This ultra-thin watch masterpiece of the production process lasted for three years, by the watchmakers, watchmakers and designers in the R & D, production, adjustment and retouching at every stage of cooperation, contributed to Piaget Altiplano 38 mm 900P was born. The Altiplano 38mm 900P watch assembled the two outstanding achievements of the count family, bringing together the watchmakers, watchmakers and designers’ talent, as well as the excellent skills of the count in the field of ultra-thin watchmaking across half a century Alien, give this masterpiece reliable, accurate vitality.

Vacheron Constantin ULTRA-FINE19551955 ultra-thin series 33155 / 000R-9588 watch

Watch Comments: This watch is equipped with Cal.1003 model movement is a lot of experts as the industry’s most beautiful and high-quality  ultra-thin movement, more than 50 years known as the ultra-thin watch production technology benchmark. Case 36 mm 18K rose gold round case, designed inspiration from a 19551 model of the 4961 models, the selection of the reason is because of its design at the time to reflect a distinctive contemporary atmosphere.

Home ultra-thin master series Q1272510 watch

Watch the comment: This new ultra-thin master series watch with round case simple and solemn, tall and elegant, with exquisite small seconds, showing the brand unique craft and unique watch tastes, each component are the most simple The way expression. Watch classic design, with the elegance of the times through the time, is the usual choice to wear watches.
Summary: In the mechanical watch, the automatic mechanical watch is generally thicker than the manual mechanical watch, this is because the automatic mechanical watch in the watch movement on a layer of automatic swing Tuo, so compare the two watch Slim level first of all to confirm whether the two are automatic mechanical watch or two are manual mechanical watch, so it is more meaningful.

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Watch the use of stainless steel to create a folding clasp

Tudor HERITAGE RANGER series of watches with excellent performance, can be in the extreme bitter cold in the normal operation, filled with the spirit of the Northern region to go, is the last century, many symbols of the polar long march. Brought together the heroic deeds of the boldness, and lead the modern city people to the old legendary world. This watch retains Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry the famous name of the famous aesthetic characteristics, while into the modern atmosphere, with the power of eternal aesthetics.

Watch with satin matte modified by 41 mm diameter stainless steel case, this size than the past watch more to meet the contemporary trend. The stainless steel parts perfectly show the watch with excellent performance, extraordinary technology and solid structure. With the case with a brown leather strap, not only eye-catching and comfortable to wear.

Stainless steel crown
Watch crown after satin matte modification, Cartier Replica Love Bracelet surrounded by tooth pattern decoration, conducive to the watch function adjustment. In the top of the crown engraved with Tudor rose logo, stylish and beautiful.

Leather strap
Light brown strap made of leather, sewing through the needle and thread, and have been obliterated rivets decorated. Strap is not only eye-catching, but also comfortable to wear, beautiful and elegant.

Satin frosted case
Watch case shape for the classic round, smooth Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Bracelet and elegant lines of the convex bead, not only can protect the table mirror, and enhance the three-dimensional sense of the watch.

Folding clasp

Watch the use of stainless steel to create a folding clasp, engraved with Tudor English name “TUDOR”. Clasps are treated with satin matte finish, and the timing characteristics of the straps are further struck, and the skin-friendly nature is enhanced.

Black dial

Watch black dial decorated with Tudor roses logo, Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Earrings the use of eye-catching Arabic numerals and time scale, the central pointer, time scales and indicators are painted with colored luminous material, easy to read at night, the case covered arched sapphire crystal glass mirror. Colored luminous material and arched table mirror with retro style.

Perforated ear

Watch ear and brand other classic style the same, ear with a drill hole to fix the watch bar. The ear ear has a small curvature, and the design is exquisite, very modern.

Close bottom table

Watch with a bottom table, the table has a leather cover to ensure that the watch and wrist contact comfort.

Summary: This watch is equipped with internal power reserve 38 hours of self-winding movement, with a water depth of 150 meters function. This watch design inspiration from the late 1960s available “Ranger”, with a unique design interpretation of the old rudder watch the traditional style. Watch both to retain the design of the past table, while into the modern atmosphere, with eternal aesthetic strength.

Today for everyone to recommend the three watches, from the United States and the perfect series. As we all know, the design and creative inspiration from the United States more from the building, the grand framework of the essence between the square, which requires designers to seize the essence of architecture. From these three  watch concave dial and progressive scale, or can find the shadow of the Roman arena.

Midea Multifunctional Chronograph Series M8360.8.D8.1 watch

The watch watch diameter of 42.5 mm, the case of titanium metal for the material. Black round dial to layers of progressive design highlights the charm of the Roman arena, orange and orange time scale on the black dial quite dynamic. In the direction of twelve o’clock with thirty minutes of time disk, three o’clock direction is the date and week display window, six o’clock direction is 12 hours timer plate, nine o’clock direction is small seconds. The right side of the watch is the crown and timing buttons. Equipped with model MIDO 1320 movement, diameter 30 mm, thickness of 7.9 mm, 28,800 times per hour oscillation, providing 44 hours power reserve. Strap and folding clasp are made of titanium metal. Backpack design, providing 100 meters waterproof depth.

The United States degrees GENT series M8360.4.B8.1 watch

Watch table diameter of 42.5 mm, stainless steel as the case material. Crown and timing button is located on the right side of the watch, black round dial using bright yellow as a time scale, in the dial twelve o’clock direction with thirty minutes of time disk, three o’clock direction is the week and date display window , Six o’clock direction is twelve hours time disk, nine o’clock direction is small seconds. Equipped with models ETA Valjoux 7750 movement, 28,800 times per hour oscillation, providing 40 hours of power storage. Silver stainless steel strap with stainless steel folding buckle, wear safe. Relaxed design, providing 100 meters of water depth.

American degree GENT series M006.615.11.031.00 watch

The watch has a diameter of 44 mm, the case thickness of 14.6 mm, the case material for the stainless steel. Silver-colored round dial using bar as a time scale. In the direction of twelve o’clock with thirty minutes chronograph, three o’clock direction is the week and date display window, six o’clock direction is twelve hours chronograph, nine o’clock direction is designed a unique small seconds. Equipped with models MIDO 1320 movement, the basic movement for the ETA 7750, 28,800 times per hour oscillation, the use of 165 parts, providing 42 hours of power storage.

Summary: to layers of the dial highlights the design of the Roman Colosseum charm, the United States and the designers who found the relationship between the watch and the building. Through the watchmaker superb watchmaking process, in the dial to add a variety of functions. When you every time you carry the wrist read, or use the watch timing function, see the depression of the dial, will produce such as the Roman Colosseum reverie it.

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Shop Cheap Pomellato Jewelry Online

Pomellato is a Milan, Italy-based jewelry company founded by Pino Rabolini in 1967. Pomellato jewelry is special not only because it is of a fake Cartier nail earrings high quality, but it is versatile enough to be worn with formal evening wear, or casual everyday attire. With its creative designs and strong craftsmanship the brand has seen continuous growth in popularity worldwide.

The brand features nine colorfully named Fake Cartier Nail Ring collections. These include Nudo, Mama Non Mama, Capri, Bahia, Tabou and Sabia; all of which are characterized by candy-like gems of different varieties and precious metals. Other featured collections are Victoria, which is characterized by rose gold and beautiful jet designs, and Tango, which features rose gold chains, most of which are accented by different types of silver and diamonds. Lastly, Pom Pom is Pomellato Cheap Hermes Leather Collier De Chien Bracelet haute couture line of jewelry.

Please feel free to browse our luxurious and very unique Replica Hermes jewelry collection of . All items from Leix.su are made in 925 sterling silver, the Pomellato Nudo ring on our collection especially hot sale in this season.

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Online Sterling Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Replica Jewelry Shopping Tips

Before shopping for sterling silver Van Cleef & Arpels online, it is important to familiarize yourself with some terms that will help you make an informed decision. Online sterling silver Van Cleef & Arpels shopping tips will help you identify and choose the best Imitation Van Cleef Butterfly Bracelet pieces for yourself or your loved one.

Be Aware Measurement Units

When shopping for sterling silver , you will notice that width measurements are noted in either inches or millimeters. For example, a 1/2″ bracelet may by listed as 12mm. It helps if you have a ruler handy to help you visualize the width of a given piece of Van Cleef & Arpels before making a purchase.

Look for the Marking

One of the most important online sterling Imitation Van Cleef Fly Beauties Butterfly Necklace silver  shopping tips is that authentic sterling silver is hallmarked with a marking of .925. This marking symbolizes the sterling silver content of the piece, which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other alloy metals. Look for this marking inside ring bands or on necklace and bracelet clasps. Earrings will normally be hallmarked on the butterfly back if there is no larger surface to accommodate the marking.

Sterling silver is obviously less expensive than Imitation Van Cleef Between the Finger Ring gold, making it one of the most versatile and accessible precious metals in the market. Whether you already have a large collection of sterling silver pieces or you are looking for intricate pieces at affordable prices, sterling silver is the answer. Sterling silver Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replica comes in a wide range of designs including simulated diamonds, gem stone recreations, or all-metal designs.

Know Your Online Retailer

As an important final note when Fake Panthere de Cartier Necklace shopping for sterling silver  online, keep in mind that you are purchasing a product without seeing it in person. This means that it is important to do your research and purchase from reputable companies who stand behind their products and services. Sterling silver is one of the best way to showcase your taste and style without emptying your wallet. After all, there is no better feeling than knowing that you got a great deal from a deserving online retailer who values your business.